ATZU is a speciality-webstore-based, Singapore men’s designer label.

ATZU is for all men who want appreciate fashion and fit without bursting their budget. A man who works hard and plays hard, and looks effortlessly stylish whilst doing it.

ATZU is more than a shirt, it is a lifestyle, the clique of chic! Body imperfections play a key part in the construction of an ATZU garment, pieces that will hide one’s imperfections, be it a longer torso, a longer neck, a broader shoulder or a bigger chest, through the juxtaposition of fabrics and razor-sharp cuts.

ATZU aims to bring hassel free, Asian-cut, limited-edition fashion pieces at affordable prices.


The WHITE label comprises basic, ready-to-wear, everyday work shirts, casual weekend shirts (with fashion touches like the 3/4 sleeve) and fashion shirts, in easy colors.

The ATZU man will be able to wear these shirts to work, school or play.

The ATZU white label’s target audience is the normal stereotypical man… the man who is less than daring enough to wear fashionable clothes… the man who needs his clothes to be hassle-free… the man whose defination of a shirt is a garment that takes them from home to work to parties.

The whitelabel guy is one who has yet to discover his inner fashionista, a man who appreciates sharp dressing without the flash.


The BLACK label collection comprises of shirts that are fashion forward, catering to fashion daredevils, guys who are looking to be different from the crowd.

The blacklabel guy has no qualms with over-the-top dressing. guys who recognize the inner “fashionista” in them and are not afraid to flaunt it.