Founded in 1934 by brothers Giovanni and Giacomo, Canali is now run by the third generation of the family. At present, this heritage Italian brand has more than 150 flagship boutiques around the world in cities such as Milan, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Doha.

Each Canali garment is tailored, produced and proudly made in Italy. Superlative tailoring, the finest materials and a highly skilled workforce ensure the highest possible quality for each Canali product that is made.

Their A/W 2011 collection that they will be showcasing at MFW is a tribute to the classic Italian sense of elegance, but will play down tradition and will approach tailor–made clothes with a playful sense of self-assurance that is both unique and imbued with personality.

Paolo Canali and his sister, Dr Elisabetta Canali, will be coming down to personally grace this monumental occasion.