Korean fashion superstar Eun Gil of G.I.L. Homme, dresses all the top A-List Korean male celebrities. His shows have always been one of the major highlights during Seoul fashion week.

Eun Gil speaks candidly on the collection that he will be showcasing during MFW: “Hope is something that arises out of the black and dark. Then slowly layer-by-layer it gets brighter and stronger until it emerges and becomes a reality.

This A/W 2011 collection is a depiction of this process as the hope inside us transforms into something real on the outside.”

This label now has a strong presence in China, and making in-roads into this part of Asia.

The new Korean boy band sensation, TOUCH, who will perform an exclusive one-night performance at the MFW showground, has penciled into their schedule to make an appearance in the audience for this show in support of the brand!