TOUCH has been receiving a huge amount of attention from the masses in Korea for taking the k-pop scene by storm and for having attended the same academy as Superstars Rain and Se7en.

TOUCH representatives have recently stated, “Music representatives from Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Macau recently visited Korea in order to watch TOUCH make their debut. Over 15,000 people gathered to watch TOUCH’s Macau performance, amplifying the interest amongst international representatives.”

Additionally, the members of TOUCH have trained under the wings of some major agencies. For instance, leader Han Jun was previously part of JYP’s “Superstar Survival” and is said to be the total package: singer, dancer, composer, song writer, musician.

The rest of the members are Young Hun, Jun Yong, Min Seok, Sun Yong, Sun Woong, and Da Bin.

Most importantly, they will debut their next single in Singapore at Men’s Fashion Week 2011. This will definitely garner massive regional attention.