Celton is an Official Sponsor of Men’s Fashion Week.


The Celton Group is fully committed to contributing to society through a systematic series of corporate donations, active support and partnership which seeks to benefit the lives of the less fortunate and to provide opportunities for growth and development for those who need it most.

Celton’s business culture, one it very much believes in and which extends to its philanthropic and charitable efforts revolve around “an opportunity to serve.”


Over the last couple of years, the group has been active in a number of initiatives across the globe, most notably in Singapore. Celton understands the need to be both consistent and committed to the causes that it support. Such dedicated support over the course of a couple of years, ensures that the organizations that the group champions are able to plan ahead, and make balanced decisions, and positively impact the lives of many people.


Celton’s approach to focusing on youth and youth related activities has been based on the notion that affecting and influencing the younger generations will have significant benefits in the longer term.

Affecting lives and changing behaviours can often be best achieved by supporting a country’s youth and younger members of our societies. There was perhaps no better way for Celton to express this, than through its ‘Official Supporter’ role of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010.


As a leading international organization dedicated to pursuing a business strategy that encompasses a positive approach to philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, we recognize we are well placed to set an example to others. Such a belief was recognized by our invitation to the UBS Global Philanthropy Forum 2010.

Celton’s support last year for a range of charitable and philanthropic causes, spanning the arts and culture to those in need as a result of chronic social or medical conditions represents what it believes to be good corporate behaviour.

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