De Dietrich is an Official Sponsor of Men’s Fashion Week.

De Dietrich is one of the 5 international brands that are owned and marketed by FagorBrandt Group, the 5th largest household appliances group in Europe.

FagorBrandt is a Franco-spanish group that specializes in small and large appliances. It currently ranks first in France with prominent domestic appliance brands like Thomson, Brandt, De Dietrich. In Europe, FagorBrandt Group operates out of 14 manufacturing plants and 18 commercial entities around the world.

De Dietrich is recognised by connoisseurs who are highly sensitive to design, aesthetic and performance. As a brand with more than 300 years of heritage, originating from Strasbough, France, the brand is strongly committed to its core values of strong technological innovations, avant-garde designs, quality and durability.

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