The Water
Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste.

The island nation of Fiji is a cluster of green jewels set in the endless blue of the Pacific. In fact, the very name “Fiji” has become an icon of beauty, nature, simplicity, and remoteness – and when it comes to drinking water, “remoteness” is a critical blessing.

In this isolated and idyllic setting, FIJI Water is drawn from an artesian aquifer that lies hundreds of feet below the edges of a primitive rainforest.

That distance and isolation is part of what makes FIJI Water so much purer, healthier, and richer in taste than other bottled waters.

Artesian Water
FIJI Water is uncontaminated, uncompromised, and untouched. Preserved and protected by geography and geology, FIJI Water’s aquifer is hundreds of miles away from the nearest industrial center and confined below the earth’s surface. Equatorial winds carry clouds thousands of miles across the open Pacific to Fiji’s Yaqara Valley, where there are no local industries or even farms to compromise our water’s purity.

When the water-bearing clouds finally reach Fiji, they’re already holding some of the purest water on the planet.By definition, artesian water comes from deep within the earth and is protected by solid, confining layers of stone and clay, and in most cases it can only be brought to the surface by man.

There is no opening, not even a porthole to the surface, and the water never comes in contact with the air. (In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, water from artesian aquifers often is purer than other water sources because the multiple strata of rock and clay provide a critical protective shield against potential contamination.)

In the case of FIJI Water, natural artesian pressure forces the water up and into our completely sealed bottling system, which has been designed to eliminate any contact with the environment.